Amicus defines, designs, delivers, and delights workplaces with inspirational workspaces that invigorate and energise employees and organisations. Amicus works with clients to transform their workspaces and execute their strategies for business, brand, and cultural goals. They accompany them through the positive transition and help them to rethink how their workspaces can inspire their employees and the company's customers.

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What Makes Them A Great Workplace

Amicus’ mission is to positively inspire as many workers globally as possible: they believe that this begins with team members. Their vision or BHAG is shared with every new starter and reinforced in all internal presentations. They report on their progress in their monthly meetings by identifying the number of lives they have improved through using their services. This figure is permanently on display on the office-based TVs and on the website homepage. Amicus also has peer-nominated monthly awards recognising team members who have consistently demonstrated their values in the workplace. They actively share stories of their clients via Yammer. Each project is proudly shared with the team; from the moment they win the deal to ongoing developments during the construction phase. All projects are photographed, and regular site visits are attended by team members to experience the journey first hand.